PursueCareRx is dedicated to fighting opioid addiction
and preventing diversion of opioid medications

Addiction Recovery and Anti-Diversion

At PursueCareRx, we follow rigorous standards to ensure accurate medication dispensing and prevention of diversion of prescription medications.

Our role is to not only safely dispense medications used in medication-assisted treatment but to also advise prescribers and patients on safe and effective treatment regimens.

We encourage all prescribers to prescribe Naloxone to all patients being treated for Opioid Use Disorder per American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) guidelines and the U.S. Surgeon General’s advisory.

As recommended by ASAM practice guidelines, we encourage prescribers to prescribe buprenorphine-naloxone combination formulations (e.g. Suboxone®) versus buprenorphine-only formulations (e.g. Subutex®) whenever clinically indicated.


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